SWIE Senior Panel
During the Senior Panel, SWIE members learned about four upcoming graduates’ paths through the major, recruiting processes, and favorite memories on campus.
SWIE Graduate Student Panel
During SWIE’s first Graduate Student Panel, attendees heard from a diverse panel of economics alumni and gained valuable insights on career trajectories, valuable economics skills, and advice in navigating the graduate school path.
Capital One x SWIE
In an exclusive recruiting event, SWIE members learned about Capital One’s various roles in the financial services, and they gained valuable insight from two University of Michigan alumna.
SWIE was fortunate to host a recruiting event with KPMG US. Members gained a greater awareness of the company’s global reach in transfer pricing and valuations, as well as its undergraduate opportunities.
American Airlines x SWIE x MES Company Event
SWIE members learned about American Airline’s professional opportunities and a typical day on the job during this recruiting event
BNY Mellon x SWIE Company Event
In a company event with BNY Mellon, SWIE members gained valuable insight into the firm’s early career opportunities and its pivotal role in the finance industry.
Deutsche Bank x SWIE Company Event
SWIE hosted a company event with Deutsche Bank, and members learned about the company’s opportunities and day-to-day through small-group networking sessions.
Deloitte x SWIE Company Event
In a company event with Deloitte, SWIE members learned about the company’s services and applications processes
JP Morgan x SWIE Company Event
SWIE organized a company event with JP Morgan for members to learn more about the company’s culture and professional opportunities.
Internship Panel 
SWIE members had the opportunity to learn from other member’s internship experiences and ask any related questions!
Kraft Heinz X SWIE Recruiting Event
Exclusive recruiting event with Kraft Heinz and Michigan Economics Society (MES) for members to learn more about opportunities and application deadlines at Kraft Heinz
Citi Bank X SWIE Recruiting Event
Exclusive recruiting event with Citi Bank where members had the chance to network and learn more about opportunities at Citi!
Resume/Interview Prep Event
Members had the chance to get one-on-one feedback on their resumes and practice answering interview questions!
Mass Meeting
Kicked off our Fall 2022 semester with our Mass Meeting where we introduced many exciting changes for this semester!
Senior Spotlight
SWIE’s graduating seniors shared their post graduation plans and experiences with SWIE!
Backpacking & Boardgames
In collaboration with Michigan Economics Society (MES), members chatted about backpacking and classes over games and pizza!